Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Early Wilde Wednesday

Had my first radiation treatment this morning at 7: freakin' a.m.! My cockatoo, Sugar, was grumpy because I woke her up so early. Every day for 7 weeks and then I can sleep in again...sigh. I should be glowing in the dark by then but it sure beats the alternative!

My oldest son, Jeff and his wife, Eun Ae, are opening a restaurant in Sierra Vista, AZ soon and I have to work on their sign design today...something I haven't done in a long time. I expect to get appetizers for life in exchange for this.

Tonight two friends are coming over to spend a few hours of beading and gossiping and chocolates.

I had a call today from a man who bought paintings from me over 25 years ago when I was still exhibiting in mall shows. Very good for the ego to know he tracked me down after all this time.