Sunday, February 28, 2010

Long Week

It's been a long but exciting week here. I've been looking at a building I would love to open as an artists co-op gallery if I can afford it. I had a gallery/studio for 12 years but closed it down 10 years ago. Six days a week got old and I wanted to travel more so I closed the doors and went to Africa.
If it works out, I have all kinds of great ideas for events, workshops, exhibits, working with the area schools......There would be painters, jewelers, potters, glass, textiles/fibers...the absolute best in the area.

On Saturday Lew and I drove to Michigan to see a similar gallery that a friend of mine participates in. It was very impressive and well put together. So tonight I am tired and going to bed early for once. Hopefully I won't wake up at 3: a.m. again with the "Are you CRAZY?"

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Magpie Tendencies

I was just reading someone else's blog where they likened "us" to magpies with a penchant to collect all things shiny. Wow! Spot on! Since I was a mere toddler, going through my grandma's jewelry cupboard, I have been fascinated by the sparkly, the textural, the pretty, the odd.....

My cache of all things even remotely "beady" is like a treasure trove and I often get lost in just looking through it....mostly when I'm supposed to be organizing, not looking. I marvel at the wonderful lampworked focal beads I've gotten from artists who continually amaze me. It's not just their work, it's the friendship they've offered to go with it that makes me smile. Wayne Robbins, Nanette Young-Greiner (Scorpio Beads), Shirley Cook (Jumping Jack Glass), ponies from Patti Leota Genack of Glass Horse Ranch, Joanne Morash (Blue Iris Designs)...just to name a few. One big reason I look forward to Tucson or the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee is to see them in person again...lots of laughs are always involved. And my favorite cabochon person, Jerry from S & S Lapidary. He always has a smile and his enthusiasm is probably why I have 4 stacked trays of cabochons waiting to be used. I'm always happy to see Jerry's wife, Beth and their helper, Paula. So, my "stuff" is not just pretty to look at, it's a collection of really nice people, too.

Like most beaders, I think I have enough seed beads and findings to open my own bead store. Some I must really like since I will find at least 5 tubes of the same color. Not that I needed five tubes, I just forgot what I had. If I croak, my friend Jann inherits it all.....she can worry about sorting it all out!

Today has been one of those days when I can't seem to accomplish anything. I go from one project to another and finish nothing. So, here I sit, with a glass of wine and a roast beef sandwich. I've been reading other blogs, playing gin rummy with the computer and shocking the cats everytime they come by to be petted. Zaaappp! If I were ambitious I'd go see Avatar but seem more inclined toward a book and warm bed covers for the evening. Yeh, I like that plan.

One Word Answers

I'm supposed to answer the following questions with one word, so here goes:

The list:

Your cell phone? useless

Your hair? silver

Your mother? nearby

Your father? passed

Your favorite food? potatoes

Your dream last night? strange

Your favorite drink? wine

Your dream/goal? survive

What room are you in? den

Your hobby? reading

Your fear? poverty

Where do you want to be in 6 years? alive

Where were you last night? bed

Something that you aren’t? bored

Muffins? Blueberry

Wish list item? vacation

Where did you grow up? Ohio

Last thing you did? bead

What are you wearing? jammies

Your TV? Samsung

Your Pets? catsncockatoo

Friends? Lots!

Your life? Comfortable

Your mood? relaxed

Missing someone? grandchildren

Vehicle? Mini-van

Something you’re not wearing? shoes

Your favorite store? beadstore

Your favorite color? black

When was the last time you laughed? today

Last time you cried? January

Your best friend? Jann

One place that you go to over and over? kitchen!

Facebook? yes

Favorite place to eat? out

Hope that was fun for you!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I know that I previously wished for a blizzard to cancel my dental appointment.....and it worked. I have another one scheduled for Tuesday and I PROMISE not to wish for any more snow!

Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Friday Already?

I think the dreaded first of the year annual heebie jeebies about being a self-supporting artist have ended. Whew! I only mean self-supporting in a monetary sense because I am so fortunate to have great people supporting me in many other ways.

So, instead of whining and whimpering in a corner, just shy of sucking my thumb, I am determined to get back into the pro-active world. A certain "muse" who bumped into me recently (Christine) has me interested in doing tutorials. I have a head full of ideas for new jewelry pieces I want to create. And I need to get back to marketing and getting my name recognized again. Have to admit the health issues the last couple of years put a dent in my momentum but it's time to get back on track. I'm an old broad and don't have time to waste otherwise I may have to change my business name from Wilde Jewels to Geriatric Gewels.

Along that line, I'm going to add a Discussion tab on my Wilde Jewels facebook page to start a "Brain Trust", not only to help me but anyone else in 'the biz'. Any and all suggestions welcome. Think I'll call it "Who in the World is Cassandra Graham aka Wilde Jewels?"

I am so sorry I couldn't make it to Tucson this year for the shows. The first year that I went was mind-boggling. I landed at about 12: noon, rented a car and headed for the first show. Talk about getting weak in the knees! And then, when I came out to head for the next show, I couldn't find my car. Most of the rental cars in Tucson are white and I couldn't remember the row I was in. I had to walk several, clicking the remote to see which car responded. I had intended to spend 3 days at the shows but by the morning of the 3rd day, I was driving there and had to pull over.
My senses had become so overloaded with what I was seeing that I just had to stop and leave town. That first show was where I met Wayne Robbins,Judy Mountain, Nanette Young-Greiner (Scorpio) artists that I love working with and look forward to seeing any chance I get.

Fortunately, for me, I have old friends who live in Tucson who let me stay with them for the shows. An added bonus is that my oldest son and his family live an hour south of Tucson and I get to visit with them after the shows. After that first year I learned that my checkbook and I can only stand about 2 1/2 days of being exposed to all the wonderful sites. I can't wait to go back next year!