Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No Title Tuesday

Had a great weekend with "beady" friends. Started out with a trip to Columbus for a fiber and art doll show. Jann drove and we met Jennifer there. Now I have a big tub full of beautiful wool colors (like I need to start a whole new obsession!). The exhibit of art dolls was exciting for me since I feel a strong pull to start making a few. The three of us drew a lot of attention with our jewelry we wore. I had on the Emerging Frog, Jann wore her new Cheetah amulet bag and Jennifer was wearing a couple of her amazing peyote cuffs.
We had a nice lunch and Jann and I headed back here for a 'late into the night' needle felting adventure with Lauren and Zoe, from Cincinnati. Zoe has some experience with it so she got us started. Things were going smoothly until Jann and I tried making little chickens and everyone ended up laughing so hard it hurt...of course I think the wine we had been drinking contributed to it, too. Mine turned into a 'polka-dot pullet' and Jann's became more of a 'Chicken McNugget". I think the cats are going to benefit the most with all the new 'reject/cat toys' we came up with.