Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rainy Tuesday....

So much for the 'summer' weather we've been having....back to normal today. Got the acceptance for the Hathaway Brown Show in Shaker Heights in June. It's the week before the Toledo Crosby Park show so I need to be shaking my tail feathers (sorry, Sugar) especially since I'm going to Arizona late in May and the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee the first week of June. I need a "bead fairy" to help...lol.

I am worried about how the shows will go this year...it's painful to think of all the stress on the artists I know (me included). I read a discussion recently that really hurt my feelings. It was a criticism of artists complaining about this being 'hard times'. The implication was that we should have had "REAL JOBS" to begin with...sigh. Most artists I know work incredibly long hours..nevermind that we can't get unemployment benefits, retirement benefits, decent health care costs, etc. Can't think of any of us who will get a small business "stimulus package".

Yes, I chose to make my way as an artist and have never regretted it, despite the 'feast and famine' aspect. After finding out I had the cancers, I spent quite a few middle of the night hours reflecting on my life. I decided that if it turned out badly, I still felt I was fortunate to have been able to work at something I truly loved, hopefully leaving the world a tiny bit nicer with what I created over the years. Art has given me the chance to go wonderful places and meet some great people. Yes, I would be pissed if it ended sooner than expected, but all in all, it's been a good run so far.

Didn't expect to be so philosophical this morning!