Monday, April 27, 2009

Milde Monday

I have spent the last FIVE days putting beads away and "organizing" (LOL!!!!) my storage for them. Have a bad habit of amassing trays and trays of leftovers from finished projects. There are some beads that I must really, really like since I find there are multiple tubes or strands of the same bead. (senior moments at the bead shows? who me? Naaah......)

Did take a break yesterday to send out my first newsletter...not as easy as I had thought it would be. For those who got patient, I hope to improve.

Radiation treatments ended last Tuesday...huzzah!! Now I just have to see one or the other of the doctors every 3 months forever. I liked the staff in the radiation/oncology dept. but hope to never see them

Started a new cuff bracelet this morning but have to put it aside to take Sugar to the Bird Farm for her monthly beak and claw trim. She enjoys that about as much as I like going to the dentist. Found a small piece of cheese on the counter that I forgot to give her last night...granted it was a bit dried out but she's so crazy about cheese I thought it wouldn't matter. She took it, looked at it, looked at me and threw it out of her cage. Sort of like the time I gave her some Jello.