Sunday, April 5, 2009

More Milde than Wilde Sunday

I seem to be having one of those mornings when I can't get away from wandering around the internet. Yesterday I bought an issue of Art Doll Quarterly at the bookstore and once again feel drawn to start exploring this media. Just what I need, another creative adventure...sigh. Beaded doll? Needle felted doll? Polymer clay doll? do you decide? So I've been going from site to site and drooling over all the examples of dollmaking.

Sugar appears to have new neighbors in the little crabapple tree outside her window. The robins moved in first but the male apparently got tired of banging his head against his own reflection in the window and they moved on. Now it appears that we have little sparrows busily adding new "stuff" to the old nest from last year. Sugar is not amused.