Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Now the Fun Begins!

At least I expect it to be fun! I signed the lease for the gallery yesterday and the name is now officially The Wombat Art Works. Trust me, the reason for the name will reveal itself as time goes on. And besides, wombats are cute little buggers.

Fortunately the gallery is already in good shape and more or less ready to move in. Now it's collecting artists and display equipment that is paramount.

And when I'm not doing that, I need to be beading in prep for this year's art shows. Where's the bead fairies when you need 'em! There's a gem & mineral show in Cincinnati this weekend that I want to visit, too...nevermind that I have trays and trays of cabochons already...they might have the perfect one that I don't know I need and can't live without.

This morning will be working on the computer, cleaning the kitchen (ugh) and then having my beady friends over for the evening. My dentist had to postpone my appt. tomorrow so don't worry, no more big snows tonight.