Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't Pay The Ransom!

No, I haven't been kidnapped or fallen off the edge of the earth.......just overwhelmed with opening The Wombat Art Works.  By the way, it appears that our mascot has chosen his name....Wally.  Everyone just seemed to fall into the habit of calling him that so it must have been his idea.  We had a great opening and are now into our second week of business and things are going well.  I've actually found time to do some beading for the gallery and the Toledo show next month.  The time I found is usually until 2: or 3: in the morning but, hey, who needs sleep?  I remember when I used to stay out partying until then or

Along with the paintings, photography and wood pieces, the Wombat has some very extraordinary jewelry (am I just a bit prejudiced?) and I think people are surprised when they see what we have.  Trish Jeffers-Zeh, Lauren Buchan, Zoe Hutton, Rachel Goetz, Bridget Beck, Doni Hatz and me.

Moonlight and Magic, or should I name it Midnight, Moonlight and Magic to go with the late hours