Thursday, January 21, 2010

Icy Thursday

I can hear the little ice pellets hitting Sugar's window behind me. What a gloomy day. Spent the whole night with my head in a bucket about every 1/2 hour until about noon today. One of those nasty 'surprises' that post-gastric by-pass people get occassionally. All set off by 2 pieces of toast at 10: p.m. Who knew? Should have just had a couple glasses of wine instead.

Prior to that event, I was making bright colored wet-felted balls to make more earrings. Now that they are dry I can start working. At least those counter the dull gray outside the windows. As usual, the kitties are watching them closely, hoping I'll turn my back so that they can grab them for "kitty toys". Speaking of which, a realistic squeaky mouse mysteriously showed up again after being missing for about a year. Where do they stash this stuff?

Still wrestling with my annual January Heebie-Jeebies about surviving as an artist one more year. Don't have another show until late June (if I am juried in) so I'm trying to think of alternatives for now. Home parties? Open house? Gallery exhibit? On Tuesday I went to see "Up in the Air"...George Clooney's movie about a man who goes around the country firing people for corporations. I left it thinking "at least nobody can ever sit me down like that and tell me I'm finished". After 45 years of being my own boss, I may be tired, but I'm certainly not finished.

I suppose I should get in the car and back down the driveway to the mailbox..too icy to walk it. I know that the property tax bill is waiting there.....but so is a new lampwork bead from Shari Slonski and I really want to see it.