Saturday, January 16, 2010

So Much for a Happy New Year.........

Sigh.......I had such hopes for a new year. Thursday I had an appt. for Blue at the vet (putting the boy on Prozac), Sugar had to get her beak & claws trimmed and then I had to go to the dentist. None of us were happy. I knew after cleaning and x-rays it was not going to be good news but Geeez.....seems the side effects from cancer treatment/meds has caused an eruption of cavities...far more than I thought. Estimate is $3000. So much for the calmness of having some money in savings. The vet suggested that Blue and Teddy have their teeth cleaned....since it cost me $400 the last time that was done, they had better get used to those "Greenies" for teeth cleaning or else.

Today I'm off to bead awhile with some friends and hopefully get in a better mood.