Monday, January 25, 2010

Slightly Snowy Monday

Sitting here hoping for a blizzard since the first of my dreaded dental appointments is tomorrow morning. I have an extremely bad history with dentists since childhood and I tend to get totally unnerved, especially when I know just what they intend to do.

So far I'm trying to keep focused on beading and egads! housework. Yesterday I finished working on organizing the least organization that I can live with until it warms up more. Today I started on the inside of the house. With the new sweeper that really "sucks", I had to empty the container twice. More than enough to make a cat in there. And where does all the flotsam come from???

A nice young woman stopped by this afternoon to look at jewelry. She's into "re-enacting" and working on a gown to wear to a couple of balls. I plan on loaning her something to wear in exchange for her passing out cards to others involved. Hard to put a period on my pieces...part Victorian, part fantasy, part Sci-Fi, part Art Deco, part cat hair.........